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By the River: New Poetry and Prose from the River Narrows

edited by Laurie Smith
ISBN: 978-1-988214-20-7 (print)

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Explore new poetry and prose by the working writers that make the area around Windsor, ON Canada home. These are the stories, songs, and voices of those that have come to call the south shore of the Detroit River Narrows theirs. Discover the voices forming the roots of a thriving literary community that is now gaining its due attention in the literary world. Masterfully edited by Windsor poet Laurie Smith this collection showcases the breadth and strength of voices from the place where Ontario begins.

Featuring new work by Marty Gervais, Dorothy Mahoney, Mary Ann Mulhern, Peter Hrastovec, Lenore Langs, Dawn Kresan, Vanessa Shields, Karen Rockwell, Christian LaForet, Ben Van Dongen, Denis Robilliard, Justine Dowset, Irene Moore Davis, Teejai Travis, Erik Johnson, Dave Rocha, Amina Abudulla, and Rosalind Knight.

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Ford City Anthology

edited by D.A. Lockhart
ISBN:978-1-988214-08-5 (print)
183 pages

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Indulge your inner writer with fresh new viewpoints on the craft of writing with the Ford City Anthology. The essays in this anthology explore the manner in which writers construct their literary worlds of poetry, science fiction, and fiction. The essays selected for this collection comprise the grassroots level of writing, the heart and soul of the writing world, and express the way that writing and style organically grows from the work writers do. Learn about craft and style from fresh voices in the field that represent those writers that are driving the work that appear in small mags, literary presses, and graduate programs all over North America.

Featuring New Essays by Tiffany Chacon, Tara Ballard, Ryan Harper, Caseyrenee Lopez, William Doreski, Kevin Bray, Renee Rutledge, Jonathan Marcantoni, Ellaraine Lockie, and Laurie Jacobs

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“Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction -- its essence -- has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all. ”

- Issac Asimov

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