About Urban Farmhouse Press

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Urban Farmhouse Press is an independent literary press based out of the border cities of Windsor, ON Canada and Detroit, MI USA. We see our roots stretching back through the small magazines that gave rise to the great literary tradition embodied by magazines like Poetry and John T. Frederick's the Midland. It is from those Midwestern roots that we build a line of books that explores the breadth of human existence in the form of beautifully crafted works that speak to the complexities of life.

We understand great literature comes from the people and not from on high and as such enjoy writing that feels real, rooted in the land, and tells us something about this world we all share. While all literature has a place it is written from, we believe that truly great literature speaks to the all of humanity in every place. As such we publish work that captures not only the physical places we inhabit but also the unique voices and psyches that arise organically from those places.

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UFP History

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Founded in Indianapolis in the Spring of 2013, we have since relocated to our current region so as to better support our belief in cross-border art. Urban Farmhouse Press grew out of earler work done by Cheryl Knobel, D.A. Lockhart, and John Powers in establishing the grassroots literary publication, READ THIS, while they attended Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. As did READ THIS, UFP embraces the core beliefs in creating a space for the literary arts in which the beautiful and the everyday can be exhibited to the public. UFP launched with a small website out of a 1876 farmhouse in the Irvington neighborhood of Indianapolis with the belief that we could find markets for authors that we believe deserve a place for their work in a marketplace that is oversaturated with mega-conglomerate publishing houses.

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What UFP Publishes

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Kilgore Trout Science Fiction Series:

Named in honor of Kurt Vonnegut's great literary character, Kilgore Trout, the Trout Science Fiction Series features works of science fiction that not only tell great and memorable stories but also reflect upon some aspect of what it simply means to be human

The Crossroads Poetry Series:

Poems come in all shapes and sizes and we understand that at UFP. So whether it's traditional Petrarchan sonnets, ghazals, tankas, or the prose poem, we look to publish the best collection of poems that we receive. Named in honor of the city of Indianapolis, we are looking for works that exist at the crossroads of individual and human experience, pieces that say something about both who wrote them and where they were written.

The Cities of the Straits Chapbook Series:

In recognition of our new home region and the fact that not every writer has completed a book length manuscript we bring to you our newest line, the Cities of the Straits Chapbook Series. Honoring both Windsor, Ontario, Canada and Detroit, Michigan in namesake, our chapbooks highlights the best fiction and poetry submitted to us.

UFP Fiction:

UFP Fiction offers the very best in literary fiction in either novel, short fiction, and novellae format. You will find a diversity of voices and forms that speak to the wonder and the beauty in the everyday. Here you will find great storytelling memorable characters.

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“Through art, create order out of the chaos of living.”

- Lawrence Ferlinghetti